What To Do After College

Life after graduating may feel like a 'free for all', that you may not be sure if you are in the right race or not, or let alone if you are in a race at all. Where is the finish line?

Will you bet on yourself this year?

With most of today’s technology being upgraded at least once a year, sometimes it’s hard to keep up. Yet, we still seek to upgrade our gadgets and toys to the latest models. We want, sometimes even tell ourselves need, this year’s model to feel complete, to…

The Tangerine: A Single Act of Kindness

“A single act of kindness may seem like such a small thing, but so is the ember that starts a wildfire.” - Zero Dean

Reflecting on Ourselves

A poem that allows you to reflect upon yourself and delve into a deeper discussion.

4 Essential Items to Getting Organized

Having a plan of action to being organized can greatly increase your productivity. These 4 items will improve your chances of following your regimen.